WinEx de™

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WinEx Grade™ is ROCTEK’s advanced excavation takeoff program that works with hard copy plans as well as digital files such as PDF, TIF, JPG, PLN, and BMP, DXF and more.  Developed to help excavation contractors create takeoffs more accurately and efficiently, WinEx Grade™ offers the same suite of tools that’s available in the WinEx-Grade plus additional advanced functionalities including strata layer breakdowns, grid staking reports for field activities, trenching from plan or profile view plans, import/export capabilities to/from GPS, CAD importing, and multiple job phases.  With WinEx Grade™ it is possible to enter data combining On Screen, Digitizer and DXF import all on the same job.

Got PDF? WinEx Grade™ makes trips to the print shop or waiting for days to receive a set of plans a thing of the past.  Download the plans through a plan room or FTP site and begin the take off in seconds! View the plans in the background and perform the takeoff right on top of it using your mouse.  This system, acclaimed for its accuracy, can plot points with precision down to the pixel with Roctek’s Zoombox™ and LineTracker technology.  What does this mean for you? Less time spent on tedious tracing and more time on intelligent analysis of the job.

WinEx Grade™ latest release includes the addition of ROCTEK’s proprietary LineTracker technology for digital takeoff.  Instead of spending your time clicking point to point on contours with your mouse, let LineTracker automatically track and trace them for you. How does it work? Simply click, sweep your mouse along the contours, and let LineTracker do the rest – it’s that easy.  This new technology will reduce your trace in time up to 50%! The best part is that LineTracker doesn’t require a CAD file.  It works with any type of vector or raster image including PDF, TIF, JPG, BMP, etc.

Open a previously finished takeoff, generate Cut/Fill and 3D Elevation Shading Maps to instantly understand what’s been done, see it anything needs to be added or corrected, and make the proper adjustments.  Want to come in first on Bid Day for a change?  Don’t want to miss another deadline? Quite simply WinEx Grade™ is the most user friendly, feature rich, essential tool to use for producing quality takeoffs for earthwork and utilities.

Key Benefits:
  • Higher accuracy
  • Speed – estimating man-hours reduced by 40% - 90%
  • On Screen and Digitizer-based Input
  • Confidence in your numbers
Advanced Features:
  • LineTracker™ captures contour lines quickly, accurately, effortlessly
  • Calculates cut and fill quantities for any jobsite
  • Pads
  • Work Regions
  • Sub-grade Material Quantities
  • Striping/Clearing Areas
  • Length, Area, Count Takeoff
  • Retaining
  • Walls
  • Undisturbed Regions
  • Powerful Site Balancing options
  • 3-D Color Graphics
  • Maps and Cross Sections
  • Professional Reports