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eSOFTakeoff™ is a DIGITIZERLESS takeoff program that works with a plan on screen, and is designed to handle buildings, structures or 2 dimensional sitework. The program does everything our Prestto™ program does, without the need for digitizer hardware. Call or email for Demo or further information.

eSOFTakeoff™ results are easily exported to Excel™ and to many other Windows programs, spreadsheets and applications.

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eSOFTakeoff™ lets you perform your takeoffs with just your mouse and/or keyboard so you do not need to invest in a digitizer. You can print out graphical (color coded) representations of your takeoffs (complete with notes) and even use the takeoff graphics in any Windows program (as part of your presentation, for instance). You can also print out to scale color images of both the drawing and the takeoff measurements.


You may download the eSOFTakeoff™ brochure and feel free to call us for a demo.


Key Benefits

  • No Digitizer
  • Low Cost - allows takeoff product to be expensed to first project.
  • Productively quickly for practically any construction trade.
  • Speed - estimating man-hours decrease by 40% - 80%.
  • Productivity - increases award to bid ratio.
  • Accuracy - reduce "waste factor" to bids.