WinEx Pro™

WinEx Pro™ is a Windows based 3-D graphical cut & fill takeoff program designed to easily, quickly, and accurately determine earthwork quantities. WinEx Pro™ is a powerful earthwork program designed for both Site Work contractors and General Contractors. WinEx Pro™ is exceptionally easy to use and features a Prompt Bar that walks you thru job setup and takeoff measurements - users are normally conversant enough within an hour to be able to process a job and become productive.

WinEx Pro is loaded with value added features such as direct import of data from DXF Files and Data Collection Devices, Quantity Accumulators, Advanced Slope calculations, Trench work, Retaining Walls, Concrete work and more... In addition, WinEx Pro has powerful Work Region features which allow entry of unlimited number of areas, each with independent strip factors, subgrades and shrink and swell factors. WinEx Pro also handles strata layers and bore samples with detailed 3D graphics. WinEx Pro provides powerful site balancing options and determining what-if scenarios.


Other features include customizable reports, print-to-scale of color graphics, formatted data export for data collection devices, MS-Excel and other Windows programs.

Significant Features of WinEx Pro™:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Pads
  • Site Balancing.
  • Trenching.
  • Job Phasing with ability to obtain quantities between any two stages of job phases.
  • Complex Slope Routines
  • Grid Staking Output Map
  • Subgrade Material Library
  • 3-D Graphics.
  • Subsoil Strata definitions and Processing
  • Connected Spot Elevations
  • DXF File Importing at the click of a button
  • Maps and Cross Sections

WinEx Pro™  is a high performance program that allows instant determination of a variety of What-If scenarios and perform site-balancing with exceptions such as targeting specific regions for balancing and excluding specific strata materials, all of which help to reduce costs of estimating dramatically, increase successful bidding and reduce time. Take a look at a WinEx Pro™ brochure and call us today for a free demo.