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WinEx Master™ is ROCTEK’s advanced excavation takeoff program that works with hard copy plans as well as digital files such as PDF, TIF, JPG, PLN and BMP, DXF and more. Developed to help excavation contractors create takeoffs more accurately and efficiently, WinEx Master™ offers the same suite of tools that’s available in the WinEx-GRADE plus additional advanced functionalities including strata layer breakdowns, grid staking reports for field activities, trenching from plan or profile view plans, import/export capabilities to/from GPS, CAD importing, and multiple job phases. With WinEx Master™ it is possible to enter data combining On Screen, Digitizer and DXF Import all on the same job. more >>

WinEx-GRADE gives the user the ability to import from Vector PDF, DWG and DXF CAD files and eliminate most tracing or, trace directly onscreen from pdf, jpg, tiff, bmp and other image files. In addition, estimators can use a digitizer with hard copy plans or even do a site takeoff “freehand” if a site plan is not available. WinEx-GRADE offers a suite of tools including cut, fill, material volumes, 3D views, site balancing and site adjustments like strip, over-excavation and strip re-spread. more >>

… technology for digital takeoff.  Instead of spending your time clicking point to point on contours with your mouse, let LineTracker™ automatically track and trace them for you.  How does it work?  Simply click, sweep your mouse along the contours and let LineTracker™ do the rest - it’s that easy.  This new technology will reduce your tracing time up to 50%!  The best part is LineTracker™ doesn’t require a CAD file.  It works with any type of vector or raster image including PDF, TIF, JPG, BMP, etc.
WinEx Master
Grid Map Takeoff with Drawing 3D Trench

SOFTScale™ is an advanced program that integrates both on screen and digitizer based takeoff capabilities, for building and general construction. Advanced routines for roof to calculate hips, valleys and beams, plus "buy-lengths". Routines for Floors, Carpets, Slabs, Footings, Dry wall, Framed and Concrete Walls, Interior Design. more >> 

SOFTakeoff™, with SMARTPlot™, is our powerful, digitizerless takeoff program that does everything as WinScale™ but on screen with a plan in the background and without the need for digitizer hardware.  The on-screen process for takeoffs have been proven to be extremely accurate, efficient and cost-effective. more >> 
eSOFTakeoff™ is an economical, entry-level DIGITIZERLESS takeoff program designed to get you allow takeoffs to be done on screen.  It will get you started with the essentials of Length, Area, Count and Line Segments. It includes advanced features such as Layers, elevations in 3-D, sloped lengths, curved areas, Excel® export, print-to-scale, symbols and much more >> 
PRESTTO™ is the digitizer equivalent of the eSOFTakeoff product and includes all the additional features.  As with the eSOFTakeoff, it can be upgraded to the advanced professional takeoff products SOFTakeoff® and WinScale®. more >> 


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ROCTEK has been developing Construction, Excavation, Cut & Fill and Estimating Takeoff Software for over 19 years. We are proud to have over 6,000 satisfied customers, large and small, in the construction and Estimating business. All our products have the ability to transfer takeoff estimates to your favorite Windows® program or Excel® at the click of a button. Roctek has a long track record of delivering excellent products and support, that helps to keep us as a leader in the construction software and estimating industry.    
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